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16th March 2024

Skimo Scotland – ski mountaineering racing

Skimo Scotland series - DYNAFIT BRITISH SKIMO CHAMPS, 16th March 2024

2024 Skimo Scotland - British Championship, 16th March 2024


Ski mountaineering racing combines athletic skiing with mountaineering skills, incorporating technical ascents and descents. It is suitable for serious and non-serious ski mountaineer enthusiasts.

There are different types of courses, ranging from vertical sprints, where racers skin uphill over a set distance to courses which have steep short sections which require the racers to put theri skis on their backpacks - all combined with techncal downhill sections.

The races are short (60 - 90 minutes) and are held towards the end of the normal ski piste day. Each race has been exclusively designed around the specific resort, using the extensive knowledge of the ski patrol to ensure racers ski the best conditions in a secure setting.

Competitors are supplied with an equipment list which must be carried over the distance. Competitors all start at the same time, and the fastest person to complete the course is the winner.


Skimo Scotland - 2023


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Skimo Scotland aims to provide an introduction to the sport for those who haven't raced before, without having to travel too far. The races are open to ski mountaineers, ski tourers, split boarders and telemark skiers.

For more information about next season's race series and how to enter, visit - Skimo Scotland


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