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Activities in the Cairngorms

Explore nature and discover Scotland's great outdoors

Summer is a great time to explore the wider areas and new landscapes of Glenshee, with plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy together!

Geocaching near Glenshee

The area is also popular for Geocaching and there are a number of hidden caches around the ski centre - can you find them?

The A93 #Snowroad also has a great selection of caches from easy to difficult.

Starting Geocaching Glenshee Caches

Visit Cairgorms

We're located in the Cairngorms National Park, the biggest National Park in the UK - why not have a look to see what's on during your visit.



Visit Cairngorms

Where Eagles Soar

Glenshee is home to an abundance of unique flora and fauna due to the areas complex bedrock and the high fertility of most of its soils.
Eagles soaring around the heights of Glas Maol and Cairnwell are a common occurrence, and the area has a higher population density of ptarmigan than recorded anywhere else in the world, red grouse and mountain hares are abundant. Dotterel, golden plover, ring ouzels, and occasionally snow buntings can be found breeding, whilst peregrine falcons, kestrels, red kites, tawny owls and ravens hunt the area. As well as the nature reserve at Caenlochan, there are Sites of Special Scientific Interest on the area at Glas Choire and nearby on Cairnwell.  
If you are walking in the area you can use the attached recognition sheet to help you identify some of the mammals, birds and plants you may see on your journey.


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