Mountain Biking

Weave your way around gravel terrain and steep berms

Mountain biking has become one of Scotland's most loved sports for biking enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers! 

Our Cairnwell Chairlift offers an uplift so you don't have to power pedal back to the top, meaning as much downhill time as possible! Our newly upgraded chairs offer biking holds so you can relax on your way up to the top and save all your energy for exhilarating downhill. 

Summer Chairlift passes are available to purchase from Tee@TheShee. 

Important: Trails are NOT maintained by Glenshee Ski Centre and all those taking part in downhill mountain biking - do so at their own risk. 

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Cairnwell Chairlift

An Uplift for you & your bike! 

  • 3 Seater Chair
  • 1 Bike Hold Per Chair
  • Unlimited Runs with a Full Day Ticket
  • 285m Elevation Gain
  • Spectating and Sightseeing
  • Dogs Allowed
  • 360 degree views of Glenshee and the Cairngorm National Park
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News & Events

Glenshee is home to several mountain biking, cycling and motorbiking events. Be a part of the challenge and join the race. 


SDA 3rd Round Glenshee June 2023




Scottish Downhill Association (SDA)